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Sandra Dahdah is an Austin, TX-based photographer, but also loves to spend her time in Mexico.


She acquired her first camera at a very young age,

and has yet to stop documenting life and its special moments. 

A unique eye for color, light and the two combined in the raw power of simplicity, her images have been featured in Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Texas Monthly and many others.  Sandra is appreciated for her uncanny sense of capturing the personality, essence, and story of a subject. Referring to her camera as “the Magic Box”, her uncluttered images hold subtle strength, immediacy and bare-knuckle honest photojournalism, true “snap shots” of the human condition.


Other than documentary or lifestyle captures, Sandra loves to work on branding and marketing initiatives. 

Empty walls are also her canvas. Her beautiful images will entertain the eye and be the perfect touch for your home, restaurant, boutique or hotel lobby.


She is also multilingual, other than English, she is proficient in Arabic, French and Spanish. 


Thank you for visiting this site.  Sandra is available for independent assignments.  Please reach out by email or phone if you have any questions. 



"Sandra's got talent to spare. She can already shoot rings around most photographers I know." - Neal Preston, Rock Photographer

Sandra knows how to capture the moment as a true artist! I’m a huge fan of her work.“ - Nalle Colt, Vintage Trouble


"She shoots stunning portraits to boot. Her smile and laugh are infectious and bring out the best in her subjects, and she sees light and color like a poet."- Don Winslow, Editor in Chief at National Press Photographers Association


Photography is about connection.  Connection to people, to places. Connection to a feeling, a vibe, a conduit for the muse.  Sandra is just that and as good as it gets.”- Greg Davis, National Geographic Creative Photographer


Raw and full of emotions but her imagination is the narrator of the story, like LIFE.  The Beauty of Sandra’s work is in the subtle, yet a bold statement of human interactions.” Kalu James -Artist (musician)


"Sandra has a really graceful presence as a photographer. She is unintrusive and has a natural eye for those organically beautiful moments." - Tory Elena of Sea At Last


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sandra Dahdah for a few years. I met her on the media riser in the Lincoln Center while we were both shooting New York Fashion Week. She is a brilliant photographer. She's amazing with her subjects, putting them at ease and preserving beautiful, vulnerable moments. I had such an excellent time working with her when I hired her to travel around the US with me to assist on a gig to do 1,400 corporate headshots for a large computer company. She is an absolute joy to be around, always happy, optimistic, fun, creative and energetic. I couldn't recommend her highly enough." Gerry Hanan - Hananexposures

I consider myself rather unphotogenic and was nervous having a shoot anyways. I was really happy with her shots. She was playful, had me at ease with her open and casual approach and was extremely skilled. Her instinctive creativity and ability to adapt to the personality, environment and changing light was amazing. Use her.” Dave Bramble - Artist (musician)

Working with Sandra was great for me and my team of nutrition and fitness coaches. We wanted to showcase our softer side and she was able to recommend locations and use the natural light to really bring out the best in us, making us not only look fit, but also happy and approachable. Her  aesthetic definitely helped the Pump & Shred brand gain a softer edge. I would recommend Sandra for any portrait work, or projects where lightness and beauty should shine.” Jessica Clark, Pump and Shred 


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